With PWR's extensive historical involvement in preparing/building high performance street, Porsche DE and race cars, we've compiled a large archive of modification configurations and packages that have proven most enjoyable and successful for our customers and outline these in defined groupings when discussing a build with the customer. 930/911 Turbos are the bulk of our more comprehensive modification packages and this one is particularly interesting. This long time customer bought one of two Memphis bound 993RS Club Sports imported into the U.S. while on a buying trip to Germany with Pat in the October 1996. This car proved to be his favorite for years of DE's and club racing, but could not be licensed for the street in the U.S. and was subsequently sold, replaced with a 993 C2S which picked up on the DE schedule right where the Club Sport had left off, but it was not the same.

He wanted a more edgy, powerful car that could durably bear up under over 200 miles of track time in a weekend yet be tractable and driven on the street, essentially the best of a 930 and his 993RS CS.
Development and refinement of PWR-EFI/PWR package engine program utilizing the stock manifold and its superior throttle response rivaling that of the 993 made this objective possible and thus the 930 Club Sport was born. The panel below outlines some of the configuration options and the pictures detail this particular variant.

PWR 930 Club Sport General Spec's and Variants
Partial/complete standalone/chassis tie in roll cages
Front/rear suspension location/chassis reinforcement
Larger torsion and sway bars to full coilover/Moton suspension
From replacement rubber to plastic/monoball suspension location
Brake and brake control system upgrades
Sunroof deletes
Bodywork/material changes (frg/carbon fiber)/substitutions
Partial/complete digital dash (PWR-EFI Conversion)
EFI conversion, three levels
Full/partial engine rebuild or PWR package engine to match EFI
Custom gear ratios/positraction installed bellhousings shortened
Custom fabricated headers
Custom Fabricated (Borla-based) exhaust systems

The most visible modificaton you'll note is the very spartan interior. 993 RS Club Sports came with minimal interior paneling with the exposed sheet metal painted body color. Pass your mouse over the image for an explanation and click to enlarge.

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