Pat Williams Racing is a 4 man shop located at 6364 Summer Ave. in Memphis, TN. Begun as Pat Williams German Auto in 1991, as more of our business became derived from racing we changed the name to Pat Williams Racing in 2001.

PWR thereafter carved out a unique niche in road racing by being a one-stop-shop from project idea to ultimately crossing the finish line at the track by building cars completely in house, designing/fabricating and tuning the engine management systems, setting up the chassis and then driving with the car owners to race wins at the highest levels in PCA Club Racing with GT1 R championships in 2010 (Pat Williams) and 2011 (Barry Bays) and 2nd in 2011 (Pat Williams) - collecting numerous Worker's Choice Awards along the way.

Like Porsche, racing has made us even more effective with street car service and modification work, the ongoing foundation for PWR for which over half our business is derived. Much of our business is non local and increasingly international. 986-997 service and our engine exchange/rebuild program has expanded significantly in the last 5 years. We maintain 2 986's as shop test mules and will be installing our Superflow SF-902S Engine Dyno to run in rebuilt engines destined for other shops and for tuning custom builds.

Because of the fabrication and developmental work involved, racing can be (is) very time consuming and sometimes cyclical business. To ensure our longtime customers are not neglected and our business remains well rounded and versed in current street vehicle technology, Daren Forsythe performs all phases of routine service work on our later model vehicles. He also assists with EFI conversions, fabrication and assembly on some of our larger scale projects when needed.