PWR has a long history of race chassis fabrication. Take a look at our latest large scale project, the 2.61litre twin turbo GT3R race car. We also are performing an increasing amount of chassis upgrading with our PWR-EFI/Package Engine conversions for street and DE applications to cope with the added power via partial cages and suspension point reinforcement like our PWR 930 Club Sport.

From select chassis modification and suspension enhancements to constructing complete race cars we offer the following:
Upper PCA/Pro Class chassis fabricated and built.
Your existing chasis converted/optimized to existing, up, or down PCA or Pro Class.
damaged chassis repaired, all componentry refitted, and set up for return to track.
Complete racecars built ground up.
Partial Cages for high performance street and PCA DE Cars.
Any suspension variation setup from street, DE, to race corner weighted and aligned. Moton and Penske shock specialists. PWR is a licensed Moton dealer, click logo below for catalogue.