A longtime 356 customer wanted a hotrod 911 turbo for the street but wanted it a little different from the standard flared fender large whale tale approach. PWR had purchased a nice local higher mileage original paint 84 Carrera for the drivetrain and had the chassis available. The decision was made to construct a nimble narrow bodied car with over 500chp weighing slightly more than 2,500lbs. What began with RUF type front and rear valances soon became aero mirrors, then drip rail delete...RUF wheels and finally that signature yellow paint. The die was cast, a RUF CTR replica. Though he would forgo top speed, opting shorter gearing, honor for this storied model will be upheld with incredible acceleration. Look for this one to easily best 930 Club Sport's 126mph quarter mile.

PWR RUF CTR Yellowbird Replica
3.3 litre single turbo PWR Package Engine with PWR-EFI-1
Borla based performance exhaust system
930 4 speed, shortened 2,3,4th gears, shortened bellhousing
930 brake package
larger torsion/sway bars, plastic bushings, PWR "F" Class setup
Partial Cage with rear suspension point tie in
Recaros and 4 point harnesses
RUF type front/rear valances
Original RUF "Classic" Wheels
Rain gutters deleted

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