How about a complete no-nonsense turn-key electronic fuel injection conversion for your 3.0-3.3 litre 930 or 911 Turbo, bringing you to current technology levels of power, fuel economy and emissions? We have developed just that, and have three different versions available from our PWR-EFI-1, batch fire system, up to PWR-EFI-3, our sequential version offering all the features of the best systems on the market today.

90% of our CIS-to-EFI conversions are paired with modified engine rebuilds to exploit the full benefits of this system. Contact us to discuss the various package engine configurations we offer. Scheduling no more than four conversions concurrently, you can expect a time range from receipt of your/your customer's engine/vehicle at our shop of 2 weeks on stock engines to 6 weeks when accompanied with an engine rebuild/modification(s).

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