PWR provides proprietary commercial/retail EFI development/conversions on both naturally aspirated/turbo Porsches, and increasingly, other applications - for which the BMW E30 is a specialty - to include classic/vintage race/street vehicles whose induction systems are becoming compromised by modern fuel formulations and emission requirements.

These are complete systems built around a proprietary ECU, run, mapped and dyno'd for installation in our shop or shipment for local shop install to a global customer base. Our tuning formats cover almost any scenario.

PWR utilized EFI Technology S.r.l. Italy's Euro-1 engine management system to develop our original 930/911 Turbo EFI conversion introduced in 2003. Their systems have formed the foundation of our EFI program and we've continued to refine this conversion to an industry benchmark for power and efficiency while adapting more of their offerings across a broader range of vehicles/applications.

Be sure to check back for technical information on EFI Tech's new Euro-2, Euro-4 and Euro-8 ECU's.

After years of tuning and developing their race engine management systems we are pleased to announce we're now an authorized Motec dealer. Of interest to Porsche owners choosing an ECU for an EFI conversion on their 911 or 911 Turbo is the new Motec M84, a full feature but more reasonably priced ECU for street/track applications.