During installation of the PWR-EFI system - and if specified - porting your stock manifold to any size up to 38mm, the following components are used in the conversion process to provide you with a complete conversion from CIS to EFI with no additional fabrication or tuning required,

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Air cleaner and housing.
Complete sensor plate assembly, fuel distributor and warmup regulator. The single biggest source of "throttle lag", the sensor plate, xx ft away from the throttle body must detect vacuum/pressure changes before changing injection flow rates. The MAP sensor, just 5 inches away from the TPS now detects these changes without need for any devise inhibiting the intake air stream.
Injector blocks, injectors and fuel lines
Capacitive Discharge (CD) unit works in conjunction with distributor and coil to produce spark in your ignition system.  PWR-EFI incorporates all ignition  control into the ECU leaving just the coil and the distributor.
On later model cars with oxygen sensors, any supplemental electronic support devices, like the Jetronic ECU pictured here are removed.  Advances in technology enable our ECU - a component smaller than this one - to control the entire injection system rather just trim the AFR as this component once did.
As CIS is a electro-hydraulic system with the injectors operated by pressure rather than electrical solenoids, the fuel pressure accumulator provides residual pressure in the system to enable engine startup - especially hot starting - , dampens fuel pressure variations and helps to suppress fuel boiling in the lines through heat soak.
Air slide, an electro-mechanical devise used to stabilize engine idle during warmup cycle, is replaced by much more sophisticated idle motor. To provide even more control, we no longer use the idle screw on your throttle body.
We disassemble your engine harness and remove superfluous wiring and connectors for the warmup regulator, cold start valve, air slide, cold start valve heat sensor and fuel pump cutoff sensor and add wiring for tachometer-out to ECU
The air pump and all plumbing/belts and drive are removed. We re-attach your turbo scavenge pump directly to the back of the cam housing eliminating the three drive components on the right.
Many vehicles arrive at our shop with aftermarket fuel enrichment/control systems which are no longer needed and are removed.
Your CDI-type coil is replaced with an inductive coil.  Though some EFI conversions require a supplemental cold start valve, PWR-EFI uses the latest ECU technology eliminating the need for one.
By-Pass Valve (CBV): If your vehicle is still fitted with this component utilizing a "short neck" intercooler, then we disable the valve assembly and add a billet aluminum 993-996TT style CBV.