Have you wanted to improve your 930's performance but were unimpressed with so-called 'optimized' CIS based systems yet reluctant to get into $12k to $30k EFI systems? Or, has your service technician begun quoting you a list of costly replacement parts to restore original performance to your now 15+ year old injection system. Well, quite simply this is the COST EFFECTIVE ANSWER and it works. Once installed, NO FURTHER tuning/refinement required, yet, it has the flexibility to be tuned to accommodate your future engine modification plans when you get beyond 450hp, the outer limit for any CIS based system.

The heart of this system are the components you see above, billet aluminum CNC'd injector blocks replacing your existing black plastic injector blocks. To these are mounted fuel rails and modern electronic injectors, and, to the top of these blocks goes...yes..your original intake manifold. So all EFI conversions had you believing your old manifold is the limiting factor and you just have to have that 84-89 , custom intercooler, etc.? Forget it! Not only do you retain your original manifold, but your intercooler too - if you choose to use it - as well as your distributor, even. One of the keys to this system's stunning performance is, like our 2.1 litre twin turbo, it is based on proven components, Porsche factory in most cases, coupled with our race experience and hours of engine dyno tuning.

After 7 years of refinement on this system and its installation here are some enhancements developed along the way that have lead to our system being the standard for the industry for stock manifold EFI conversions.

PWR EFI System Enhancements
Your original wiring harnessed not cut or altered.
One small hole for the ECU harness drilled adjacent to the transmission tunnel
      in your fire wall on pre-965 models, no holes on 965's.
Programmed open loop ECU maps retained for your engine's protection but now
       trimmed up to 30% throttle position with O2 sensor for improved efficiency.
Depending on cams, 480RWHP Package Engines, achieve 24-26 mpg on
       stock gearing at interstate speeds while emitting as little as .8 CO and 25PPM
       at idle WITHOUT A CATALYTIC CONVERTER, watch our video on
Now sourcing engine heat signal from different location, no longer need for
      trimming your tinwork to mount an engine head temp sensor.
Option of retaining less expensive more reliable air slide for cold start idle
       enhancement or use of idle motor integrated in ECU.

3.3 litre 930/911 Turbo (Stock)

OK, here we go, our shop mule, a 14K mile 88 911 Turbo on the dyno in August of 03 as we gathered our base data: 287hp with a catalyst and 318hp/300 lb ft torque as you see here with an aftermarket muffler, no other mods over stock.

As one of the most impressive characteristics of our EFI conversion is the incredible improvement in drivability and efficiency, we were especially keen to capture transient response, part throttle and throttle tip-in data for comparison.

Now, here is the same engine on the dyno with the system fitted but intercooler not yet in place. For the remaining pictures on this page, where you see the arrow, pass your mouse over it for an explanation of the component.

With the change to EFI only, and with boost set consertively at .9 bar, this engine dyno'd at 351hp with 380lb ft of torque, no other CHANGES made.  View the dyno chart here. The best part though, throttle lag is vitually eliminated as you can see in the graph here.With much quicker response, this engine has already surpassed the stock engine's peak power at only 2,800rpm - a full 2,000rpm sooner.

3.5 litre twin plug 930 Turbo (modified)

Alright, we've talked about the scalability of this system to power increases you're undertaking now or want to have the flexibility to do in the future. The next engine we'll review not only demonstrates that but also provides you with the a direct comparison against a totally optimized CIS based system. This engine is equipped with the following: twin plug crank triggered ignition, full race cams, headers, 38mm intake ports, Garrett turbo, twin wastegates,oversize intercooler. Power? 455hp at 1 bar with CIS. With EFI? How about 626hp @7,000 rpm and 523lb ft of torque at 5,700 rpm.  View the dyno chart here.

You'll note with these pictures a more 'finished' look to this installation. As the 3.5 was shipped and installed in a customer's car, we do not have have a picture of the final installed appearance.

After nearly 23 hours of engine dyno time on our EFI converted stock engine, we installed it in a customer car to begin the drivability refinement phase.

Inline with our emphasis on high performance, we have developed a variation on our modified CIS based turbo engines to fully exploit the benefits of converting from CIS to EFI. Read about it elsewhere at our site.

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Meanwhile, if you have any questions about our EFI conversion, give us a call or drop us a note.