PWR has been directly involved in professional (White Lightening, The Racer's Group) and amateur racing since the late 80's in all capacities from prep, crewing to driving both our own cars and for other teams. We have prep'd as many 75% of the field participating in PCA DE events - including over 50 of the 90 cars participating in the latest MidSouth PCA Driving Event - as well as five to 8 for individual PCA/POC/NASA/PBOC race events. We currently fully prep and support two race teams and on track support/drive in up to 10 events across the U.S. a year in cars #234 in GT 2 and #334 in GT 1.
Both shop and onsite extenisve PPI's done on your chosen race car purchase.
Pre-race consulting on vehicle, team, equipment and race program prep with specialtiy in PCA and endurance pro racing (Daytona 24 hours).
Selected Trackside event counsel on car setup, gear ratio selection, STAK, C.O.S., injection (Motec M4, M48, M480 pro, M800, Motec data Interpreter, EFI Technologies) and strategy.