As mentioned elsewhere in this site, this 993RS CS was one of two purchased in 10/06 for local Memphians while on a buying trip to Germany. Nearly brand new at the time, one high speed trip down the Autobahn from the dealer was all it took to make the decision to buy these cars that while licensed (barely) for the road in Europe would have to be imported as track-only vehicles to the U.S. Like its red brother, this car started out as a concours level DE car but has progressed to full time racing since. The factory exhaust fitted to these cars is the best compromise between meeting European track decibel requirements while preserving power and throttle response. Though this exhaust is not plagued with the durability shortcomings of the later systems fitted to larger displacement high rev'g air cooled race engines, it is nonetheless heavy and robs power and 10 plus years of technological improvements presents some better alternatives.

PWR designed, fabricated and fitted a Borla based system for this car that weighs much less, meets the most stringent U.S. race track decibel requirements and frees up more power. A week later at Sebring, after leading group C and running 3rd overall, the owner and Pat got caught out on a later race caution and ended up 2nd in class and 5th overall. Still a good showing, view the race results here. Pass your mouse over the images and click to enlarge.

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