Campaigned extensively in the Middle East but never damaged, this car was bought by the owner to partipate in organized rallies (Colorado Grand) and for occasional street use. A superb preservation class candidate both mechanically and aesthetically, the objective was to do a complete mechanical restoration leaving no fastener or component undisturbed, The car was completely disassembled and all systems rebuilt and enhanced where needed to make this car a dead reliable and, as much as a full blown rally car with an RSR based engine can be made, tractable for street driving. The list below is just a partial sample of the unique (and now somewhat irreplaceable) components in this car.

Rothmans 911SC RS Factory Rally Specification
3.0 Litre RSR based, Bosch MFI High butterfly injection
915 Trans with 1 piece factory billet pinion thrust plate
Positraction with highest numerical ratio ring/pinion available
Central oiled & spray bar'd 47mm 4 bearing cams
3.2 litre carrera type heads with single plug ignition
magnesium center oiler timing covers with solid chain tensioners
RSR IROC clutch with no overcenter spring provision
Turbo upper/lower valve covers in magnesium
plain gelcoat fiberglass matt coverered trailing arms
dual master cylinders with push to lock hydraulic handbrake
Every alloy engine cover in Magnesium including MFI pump
Aluminum doors hood and decklid
930 turbo brake calipers & discs

The most intriguing elements turned out to be the variety of components the factory race shop combined to produce this car, especially the engine, and the extensive use of magnesium, all carefully Cad II (gold) plated to prevent instant corrosion. This restoration predates our program of comprehensively photographing our projects. With the exception of the engine shots, all pictures were taken on a return visit to the shop in the Fall of 2005 to have more modern tires fitted, as the original rally issue had proven a bit much on pavement in the rain. The owner has since retired to Phoenix and one of our supplier's customers reported seeing it cruising down the road. It is seeing such regular road use now the customer is shipping it back to have taller ratios fitted on the top 4 gears and the addition of an over center spring assembly to lighten clutch effort. Pass your mouse over the image for an explanation and click to enlarge.

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