Here is a typical example of PWR's customer race car program. We perform a very thorough PPI's (contact us for details on out of state on-site PPI's for more expensive/complex machines), counsel the prospective buyer on the value of their purchase and various cost scenarios on getting the car ready for the track. Once purchased, we perform a front-to-back freshening up, updating safety, handling, braking and engine management enhancements where required to make the machine competitive. Once car baseline is completed, we provide chassis setup, pre-race preparation and in-season maintenance. A popular trend with our long time more devoted racers are the building of alternate class engine packages to original to provide them with more power for new challenges.

An ex-Alex Job factory 1997 3.8 RSR pro-class machine, we performed a Florida onsite inspection before purchase, arranged post purchase transportation to the Memphis and rebuilt every system/power  train, upgraded the original engine mgmt to PWR-EFI-II and installed a full Moton based suspension. Two very successful seasons with over 15 wins in 18 starts for 2005 - here's Road Atlanta's Results - in PCA/NASA/PBOC and no failures later, the owner wants some of what the only other racer to pass him on regular occasion has, namely a 2.61litre twin turbo like Barry Base's #134 car. Not only will he have more power, he'll be able to drop down a class from GT2 to GT3 where the fields are larger and the racing even tighter. We will build, install, test this power plant and be ready for the Road Atlanta PCA race in April. Designed as a more affordable version of the #134 car's engine, this one will vary slightly in the use of more off the shelf componentry, primarily on the induction side and revs will be limited to 8,000rpm. Major component specs will be the following:

PWR 2.61 Twin Turbo
3.2litre case-based 2.61 litre engine
Custom crank, rods and pistons
Twin turbo/twin wastegates on custom headers
Twin plug PWR-EFI-II
Single engine compartment mounted intercooler
Single throttle body Carrera based manifold

Check back often, we'll be posting more pictures as we go. Pass your mouse over the image for an explanation and click to enlarge.

Watch the 993 RSR 2.61TT's initial tuning on our PowerFlow Eddy dyno!

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