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    PWR homepage with direct links to categories below.
  •  Maps to Pat Williams Racing   
    Distances to/from Memphis from various cities, highlighted downloadable route map for I-40 to PWR for both large and small tow vehicles.
  •  About Pat Williams Racing    
    General information about us, shop philosophy, biography, about us and shop protocol.
    •  Philosophy 
      We have a basic unwaivering three part philosophy at PWR.
    •  About US 
      Who we are and what our shop is equipped to do.
    •  Shop Protocol 
      Scheduling, shipping of engine/trans/vehicles and email/phone protocol outlined.
  •  Street Vehicle Services   
    Providing standard services on all 901/911/964/993/996/997, Boxter and Cayenne, we are one of very non-dealer facilities with a PST tool for interfacing, diagnosing and resetting codes for Porsche OBDII type systems.
    •  Routine Service 
      All standard maintenances for 901/911/964/993/996/997, Boxter and Cayenne performed utilizing one of the few independent shop owned factory PST- 2 machines - and increasingly on vehicles still under warranty.
    •  Rebuild & Modification 
      Outlines full variety of modifications and engine/trans/chassis rebuilds we perform in any combination for your vehicle.
    •  CIS to EFI Conversion - 930/911 Turbo   
      The first mass produced CIS to EFI conversion for your 930/911 Turbo using OEM components and retaining your original manifold, we provide three versions..
      •  Compare - stock/EFI
        Though you'll see this system outlined at length on the links below, you'd probably like to know up front exactly if or what the PWR-EFI conversion will do for throttle response and power on your stock 930/911 turbo.
      •  Compare - stock/EFI 
        Though you'll see this system outlined at length on the links below, you'd probably like to know up front exactly if or what the PWR-EFI conversion will do for throttle response and power on your stock 930/911 turbo.
      •  Advantages 
        The advantages of an EFI conversion over the original CIS are outlined.
      •  EFI components   
        What does this EFI conversion include. We provide pictures of each component and an explanation. Shops, please note, we now sell not only the manifolds only as a kit, interfaces and software to program this system.
        •  EFI manifold kit 
          We now sell not only the manifolds-only as a kit, but interfaces and software to program this system. Components of that kit and engine fitment illustrated here.
      •  CIS components 
        What will you no longer need from your CIS system with this conversion? We outline all the components with pictures.
      •  Development 
        PWR-EFI described from machining of the original injector manifolds to the engine dyno and finally in preparation for installation in our test vehicle.
      •  Refinement   
        From journalists to customers, the most frequentl comment concerns the incredible drivability and lack of throttle lag. We use a three step process to make PWR-EFI drive lack OEM.
      •  PWR EFI Package Engine 
        The most dramatic results with a PWR-EFI conversion are achieved when fitted and tuned to an engine optimized to take full advantage of refined fuel and ignition. PWR produces several engine configurations for PWR-EFI I through III. View the dramatic results of PWR-EFI-I fitted to the standard PWR Package Engine.
      •  Excellence Article on the PWR-EFI Conversion
        Excellence Magazine spent a day at our shop, viewed conversions and development work in progress and rode in our white car. We've posted their article to our site for you to download and read.
      •  PWR- CIS to EFI Conversion Fact Sheet
        ExcellenceHere is a downloadable fact sheet providing a system overview, images/descriptions of EFI Conversion components, CIS components that will be removed, system features, advantages over CIS, FAQ's and a dyno chart comparing before/after EFI installation on a stock 930 engine.
    •  Restoration 
      Mechanical overhauls on preservation class type vehicles to full back to body-in-white restorations. Examples online viewed under Cars and Projects page below.
  •  Race Drivetrains   
    Our speciality, complete powertrain builds in standard and customs configurations for GrandAm, ALMS and all PCA classes along with transmissions and differentials in any configuration
    •  Transaxle 
      From standard rebuilds to gear changes, custom shafts/ratios and posi traction. Specialists in complete rebuild/enhancement of RUF 5 speed transaxles.
    •  Dyno testing   
      From engine dyno to chassis dyno, we verify power, test and tune.
      •  Superflow Autodyn 30 Eddy Current Dyno 
        We have acquired and installed one of the latest Superlfow Autodyne 30 Eddy Current Dynos combining the best capabilities of both engine and chassis dynos. Read about it and view the installation process within our shop here.
    •  CIS to EFI Conversion 
      Our EFI conversions are not only for street/DE vehicles, we fit PWR-EFI-II and PWR-EFI-III to race vehicles and sort out/refine other systems fitted to race vehicles we prepare after initial purchase or routinely maintained between race events.
  •  Chassis Prep 
    Chassis fabricated/built/converted/repaired for PCA and pro use. Select chassis package mod's to support substantially more powerful PWR-EFI/package engine conversions (PWR's 930 RS) and partial cages built/installed for high performance street and DE cars.
  •  Race Consulting 
    Pre-race consulting, pre-purchase inspections, ongoing race car maintenance programs and trackside counsel (for selected events).
  •  Cars and Projects   
    A new section of our site, view pictures and full descriptions of various car and component projects we have either completed or have in progress. We currently have 10 online with more to be added.
  •  Latest News 
    We update our site often - especially when building a special project and posting pictures of progress. If you are are regular visitor or would like to see our latest site major site update, new service, engine/car project or racing news, check here first.
  •  Site Search 
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  •  General Company Policy 
    Our general company policy regarding parts we make and/or sell, services we provide and payment requirements.