From light modifications to your in/out of warranty 996/997/Boxster, freshening up of your air cooled 911/914 to the acquisition and conversion of a 1984 3.2ltre Carrera into a 500hp 3.3litre turbocharged replica of the RUF CTR Yellowbird, we can offer you the following:
Bumper to bumper rebuild of any 901/911/964/993/986 and Boxter standard component(s) and/or overall "freshening" up of entire vehicle to maintain/restore daily driveability.
Magnesium case engines made absolutely oil tight and reliable for street or track, including problematical 1976-77 2.7 litre engines.
Specialists in CIS, MFI and all carburetor induction systems - repair or retrofit.
Drivetrain/chassis prepaired for light competition (SCCA/PCA Driver's Ed/autocross).
Full drivetrain/chassis rebuilds and/or modification to include displacement increases, turbocharging, exhaust, transmission, brake and suspension upgrades as well as accessory installs.
Full Rebuilds of following:
Air Cooled 356-911
996 - 997 Turbo
996 - 997 GT3, RS, Cup
Systematic multi-point program to prevent catastrophic engine failures experienced in 1997-2003 Boxsters.

We have an extensive photo archive of past projects to provide ideas for yours. Email us with your plans and we'll arrange a time to discuss in detail.