PWR generally maintains two ongoing long term complete ground-up rebuilds/restorations going at any one time. These builds can be anything from complete down-backup PWR builds to any variation in between This car arrived on a flat bed truck from Texas in the condition you see in picture number #1; a rolling chassis with a top side repaint and a mountain of boxes containing the rest - a restoration project in need of resuscitation and completion.

The owner wanted it completely rebuilt and restored to a nice standard - not concours - and made utterly reliable and faster with subtle enhancements. The engine is currently being built as a high performance 2.7 litre with PWR's own pistons, hotter cams and PWR-EFI. The latter being the initial application of this system on a naturally aspirated engine.

We'll be posting more pictures as we go. Pass your mouse over the image for an explanation and click to enlarge.

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